The Man Behind The Mirror

I put an abnormal amount of energy into my daily effort to not go looking into mirrors, public and my own. I don’t fear Candyman, and Western folklore legend Bloody Mary has never paid a visit. To be honest, I just don’t like looking at my face any more than is necessary. There are times however where a quick glance into a mirror is helpful, if not essential, to moving forward with my own life. So I condone public mirror peek-a-boos for the following: New clothing purchases, the observation of a haircut’s progress, post sloppy meal tooth clean-ups, and self-delivered spit polishes before meeting clients, friends, or present and future guy or gal pals. Since even just these four things make a personal ban on public mirrors impossible, I do recommend that like me you occasionally act as if you know there is someone watching. A person either directly behind that mirror, or checking out your activities via the camera they’ve placed on the other side of it. I’m not a total loon – I don’t think every mirror provides sick jollies to deviants, nor do I believe I am on The Truman Show. But, just in case, to keep the powers that be as they relate to public mirror invasions of privacy on their toes, from time to time I’ll flag the bird or give a hardy salute or hello straight into the looking-glasses of the world. Maybe you’ve even seen me do it, by which I mean to suggest you are one of the many men or women behind the world’s mirrors.

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