Real Estate Agents Love The Z-Question

Long before me and the Mrs. started this round of home hunting, going back to the time before we even had ninety solid days of knowing each other, our apartment/condo/home hunting technique included the self-query: Is this a zombie-proof abode? Or, at the very least, a place zombies would find difficult to find, enter, then consume us? We don’t dwell on it, but we do ask each other and share our thoughts on it. Thing is, if you’ve read World War Z, you, like me, are now aware that the real problem with owning a zombie-fortified-dwelling is keeping it a secret from non-zombies with no place left to go. As such, our question should really be: Is this potential roost something we can keep under wraps from the gaggles of morons who didn’t have the foresight we possess to prepare for the almost certain era of flesh-eaters? Before you dismiss the idea of zombie-days altogether, and brand this post less relevant to you than others (thanks for reading them by the way), google ‘zombie ants’ or ‘CDC zombie preparedness’ and get back to me.

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