About Level 9 Paranoia

The term ‘level 9 paranoia’ was born in 2005, when after another of my typically complicated but seemingly plausible paranoid rants my work partner and friend said, “that’s some level nine shit.” And since then, anytime my overactive imagination fabricates any ill notion constructed from all the things paranoia encompasses, I brand it ‘level 9 paranoia.’

I am a conspiracy enthusiast to be sure, but this blog only deals with the paranoia that exists around my own self-centered ego. There’s plenty already published involving grays, masons, shape shifters, JFK, and the like – but surprisingly very little if anything published about me. This is a collection of things I’d mostly like to have never thought.

Thanks for reading it and feel free to relish in the fact that you don’t live in my head.

Peter Rosch

2 thoughts on “About Level 9 Paranoia

  1. Maybe you mother was imprenated by and alien. Lo and behold here comes Peter Cottontail, hopping down the level 9 Paranoia trail, hippity hoppity life is just that way. If you are really aware of it all you’d be scared every day of your so called life. And that is what the isssue is You are aware…
    The big problem is we have no control, that is why we try so hard to control everything we can, but we can’t because the big C is all a myth, F-ing control makes me want to laugh and scream out loud. Which I do quite often. I think that when I am most in control is when I get high because I know what the results will be, no surprises… at least most of the time. Yes I do think when you consume anything that you know is going to take you where you want, that is the ultimate in control. Just a thought….

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