Not Everyone – Just One Really Evil One Without a TV

If you speak enough crazy to your friends and family as I have over the years, there is a good chance one of them will eventually utter the phrase, “Not everyone is out to get you.” A little Googling on that same phrase revealed to me that a lot of people do indeed feel quite the opposite – that the whole world and its inhabitants are constantly conspiring to see them fail or prevent them from obtaining this or that. I’ve never felt the same.

I’m of the following opinion: It only takes one. Just one really smart, evil and super dedicated person to “get you.” Just one person you wronged so significantly – even if it is in their own paranoid head – that he or she makes it his or her mission to destroy you. But to do that this person would have to be pretty damn clever, probably college educated, free of sloth and not easily distracted by American Idol and the like, and high enough in the corporate pecking order to request off the necessary time to construct and execute a plan for your destruction – oh, and probably single, otherwise their potentially saner spouse/partner/lover might talk them out of it.

So see? Not everyone, not even half of everyone, could be out to get me or you. Because to my knowledge American Idol and the numerous shows that mimic it aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. But there probably is one person out to get you. At least now you might be able to whittle down that list of potential threats.