Meet My Dead Friend Sarah: A Novel

If you’ve been an avid reader of my blog, or if you are even new to it today, I’d like to introduce you to my debut effort in full-length fiction: My Dead Friend Sarah: A Novel. I enjoy writing, I don’t enjoy playing the role of salesman so much (every time I mention the book I feel a small piece of me dies), but I do hope you’ll give some thought to picking up a copy and giving it a shot. I’ve long been calling it a suspenseful thriller, but as people have begun reading and reviewing it on Amazon and in emails to me personal, it occurs to me that perhaps in actuality it is a love story, with a suspenseful angle to it. It’s been a wonderful ride so far, hearing people’s opinions–good and bad–and today I’m throwing it up here in the hopes of broadening its exposure to the world. Thanks for your time! And I promise tomorrow, I will resume with a bunch stories that make your stomach turn. Peter Rosch.

“A Diabolical Love Story… Read it before it becomes a movie – the book is always far better.” – Jennifer Gavin

“I can honestly say I was completely engaged with every sentence written in this story, I could not read it fast enough… Fantastic Stuff, A Very Strong 5 Stars.” – The Kindle Book Review

“I couldn’t put it down. One day, when I’m ready to adapt a book into a screenplay and direct my first narrative feature, I hope you’ll allow me.” – Erik Proulx, Director of Lemonade: Detroit

“I highly recommend this story, as you will enjoy the mystery of it, as well as the thought provoking introspection and the introduction to a community you may never have explored.” –Anthea Carson, Indie Book Reviews