Ohhhh, you’d like that wouldn’t you?

I’ve many problems with The Devil. The Devil being Google. Like many, I ignore my gut instincts and continue using Gmail and a host of The Devil’s other products, even as it tries to insult/scare me into joining Google+ with tripe like this: http://youtu.be/tGMlBIM7VP4 Today, after ‘deleting forever’ a considerable amount of mail from of all places, the trash, Google hits me up with this message: “No conversations in the Trash. Who needs to delete when you have so much storage?!” I particularly like the question mark/exclamation mark combo there at the end. What conceivable reason not dripping in diabolical honey could they have for wanting me to never delete a single message? Lost revenue not made when I don’t expand my storage capacity? Lost revenue not made when advertisers can’t pry into my life from six months ago? Or maybe it is because they just don’t want another scolding from the CIA or FBI or black-ops outfit that is upset they didn’t passively-aggressively coerce me into saving everything ever written by/to me for their perusal at a later date. Probably the former, but not far from the latter.