Let The Vitriol Begin (Again)

But I Love YouThis week I’ll be pushing my sophomore literary effort, But I Love You, into the world with a plug-it-until-it-makes-people-puke enthusiasm. Then, when the dust settles, the pride built over a two-year crafting of words into story will do its best to withstand the free-flying stink of negativity that might eventually accompany it on its humble sale pages scattered across the internet. They’ll be good reviews (written by moms, friends, and even strangers), and they’ll be stuff that makes me question wether writing is my thing. That’s just part of the game. And like the first time, I’ll abstain from writing any particular individual to tell them just how wrong they are about it. I’ll remain chipper in the face of phrases like, “Do yourself a favor and skip this one. You’ll be glad you did,” and “Such promise to fall so flat.” There’s a bevy of other choice barbs and stinging insults, some written by folks who were kind enough to only read the first chapter before “awarding” My Dead Friend Sarah one or two stars. You take the punches and move on. Hell, if you are me, you secretly hope that your book turns the insides of someone so intensely that they decide to come after you. You wonder how hard it is to get a restraining order. You fantasize about a blurb on some celebrity dot-com rag that mentions how you went to court to testify against the stalker. You aim for the kind of crazy that drove you to write the book in the first place. I didn’t set out to create a polarizing tale the first time. And though I’d toyed with the idea of doing so for the second story, the notion lost steam as I realized that action in and of itself would betray me. In the end, like the first time, I’d like to think that I’ve managed to merge some very real-world observations on the way we live with a story that moves quickly and keeps people entertained and wanting more. There’s more to the story, but I’ll need that material to bug you later in the week as I try and coax you our of a few bucks and some of your time.

Meet My Dead Friend Sarah: A Novel

If you’ve been an avid reader of my blog, or if you are even new to it today, I’d like to introduce you to my debut effort in full-length fiction: My Dead Friend Sarah: A Novel. I enjoy writing, I don’t enjoy playing the role of salesman so much (every time I mention the book I feel a small piece of me dies), but I do hope you’ll give some thought to picking up a copy and giving it a shot. I’ve long been calling it a suspenseful thriller, but as people have begun reading and reviewing it on Amazon and in emails to me personal, it occurs to me that perhaps in actuality it is a love story, with a suspenseful angle to it. It’s been a wonderful ride so far, hearing people’s opinions–good and bad–and today I’m throwing it up here in the hopes of broadening its exposure to the world. Thanks for your time! And I promise tomorrow, I will resume with a bunch stories that make your stomach turn. Peter Rosch.

“A Diabolical Love Story… Read it before it becomes a movie – the book is always far better.” – Jennifer Gavin

“I can honestly say I was completely engaged with every sentence written in this story, I could not read it fast enough… Fantastic Stuff, A Very Strong 5 Stars.” – The Kindle Book Review

“I couldn’t put it down. One day, when I’m ready to adapt a book into a screenplay and direct my first narrative feature, I hope you’ll allow me.” – Erik Proulx, Director of Lemonade: Detroit

“I highly recommend this story, as you will enjoy the mystery of it, as well as the thought provoking introspection and the introduction to a community you may never have explored.” –Anthea Carson, Indie Book Reviews