Which of the Seven Circles of Hell?

“I don’t think I should have to work overtime to convince anyone that I deserve future kudos. But, this is the world I live in. Anyone who doesn’t religiously talk-up their own bullshit, no matter the validity of its purpose, the enjoyment it provides others, or the sincerity of its intent on the betterment of life or mankind, is left sitting amongst the also-rans. Barnum couldn’t have foreseen the utterly egomaniacal nature and ease of future communications when he said, ‘Without promotion something terrible happens: nothing.’ It is no longer enough to be fantastic. You have to be fantastic at letting people know just how fantastic you are, and I hate it.”    – Elisa Hardwick, from my forthcoming novel But I Love You.

To quote one of my own characters from a book I’ve not even finished might just be the epitome of the very type of behavior the quote itself references. But alas, I’m a man who enjoys having people read what he writes–and to some extent it matters very little whether they enjoyed having read it, or found what I had written loathsome, dull, or unrealistic. In the latter instances perhaps I get the tiniest bit of satisfaction in knowing that I’ve managed to trick them into wasting some of their day on me. It’s a dark part of my personality that I currently work very hard at squashing with a trained professional on a comfy couch on the Upper East Side. I’ll get there.

To shout about the things I put out into the world goes against everything my sobriety and my leanings towards Buddhist practices would have me do. Indeed, my own preference would be to put content in the form of books, music, musings, ads, and the like out into the world for it to be found naturally, on its own time, and because others made the discovery of it serendipitously and then shouted about it themselves. But, I’m not perfect. I don’t aspire to be perfect, and perhaps I’d be labelled a fool by most to not use what life throws at me in order to give my other pursuits their best possible shot at an existence beyond simply existing. I try not to let what others might think of me dictate my actions, but I do let it inform them.

So, is it wrong to post the commercial I wrote for AXE, here on my blog, because it is garnering so much attention and in theory could lead to a few people finding and purchasing my novel? Maybe. Maybe not. For those of you who share my disgust in regards to self-indulgent, self-congratulatory postings, tweets, and the like (Yes, I do it. A lot of it, but it doesn’t mean I care for it) perhaps you can take some solace in knowing that so far my triumphs in the realm of advertising, present and past, have not meant squat to the readers of fiction. Even fiction that is based in the complex realities of who I used to be.

But, maybe it’s only because they haven’t been exposed to it yet. I am still surprised when people who I consider close friends reveal that they only just found out that I wrote a book. And so, at the risk of having perhaps only myself condemn me for all eternity, I have decided to embed the Susan Glenn commercial here as well–tag the fuck out of it–and maybe earn a few more followers of my regularly scheduled programming. It’s worth a shot, no? It’s also important that any readers of this post know this: I do not consider myself solely responsible for the creation of this branded film. It was only through the rigorous efforts of many people, both agency and client, that a film the likes of this one could ever make it out into the world. And so I thank them all, and last, but most definitely not least, I thank the brain of my good friend and partner, Nate Able, for co-creating the idea from scratch with me. It was our baby, and it’s nice to see it doing so well so early in the world.

Enjoy, and if you feel so inclined, why not take a chance on my book. Good day. I said, Good day.

3 thoughts on “Which of the Seven Circles of Hell?

  1. Ah shit I just sent you a response and have no idea where it went…. this FB thing make me crazy… what doesn’t? Hope the heck you can find it. Love yah Pete! Keep up the good work you are an inspiration!!!

  2. I would just like to say that I love this commercial so much. It brought a lot of inspiration to me for being an Axe commercial haha. I’m in film and I just loved the piece so much, and just the overall concept. Yes your post did inspire me to go take a gander at your book, so I can assure you that I will be buying that in the near future. I look forward to any future endeavors you take part in.

  3. I just bought it. Looking forward to seeing what more amazing thoughts and style that can inspire me, God knows I need it whatever it is. I have not worked on my book for at least 2 more years. It is the rewriting and editing of all the painfull things that are hard to confront over and over. Shit I am having a hard enough time trying not to put a gun in my mouth. Wah, but I have gotten off the oxy and put down the bottle two days ago. I had a mean crash on the oxy for about five days, the liquor helped but not enough. I did about 7 drinks in those five days of hell. Today I lived to win another battle over the bottles. I just started my fast today and that is always so wonderful for my mind and soul, and I might be able to begin working on the book again.
    You know they have now done three surgeries on my ankle in the past 2.5 years and it is still not right, I can only bend it back and forth and when it twists to the side I go down. So guess what happened about four months ago, you got it I go down and land on my left hand. BTW I know of a much bettter way of going down that is not so painful. But after three days when the pain was pretty unbearable even with all the pills and booze I got an Xray, they saw an old break, that I never remember getting probably when my brother use to tourcher me as a kid; bite that bullet bitch. Anyway I am finally going in for ANOTHER, yep you got it, surgery on my wrist this time for extreme tendinits. Which means more pills but I do believe I am going to be able to say fuck it, don’t want em. I will still be on my fast and when I go on that I am extreme. So what else is new, all or nothing Katie.

    I think that what you said about your book going against your Buddhist thinking is wrong. I feel it is right on the point of being very Zen. Be true to yourself and all will be better for it. When you do what is right the whole universe benefits.
    Keep up the great work, as always your friend and huge admirer, did I spell that right? Who cares you know what I mean… been swimming lately…

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